We started our professional path as currencies (cash) analysts and then futures exchange/crosses (Dollar, Yen, Swiss Franc, Pound, etc..,); since 2002 we are studying and forecasting the Euro, too, and currencies such as renimbi, rand, real, Mexican peso… Therefore we emphasize this Forex & Commodities report as a “must”.
The Forex & Commodities Report is not a daily service; instead it grants an interesting in-depth coverage of the main worldwide currencies once every couple of weeks (intra-weeks updating if market conditions arise). Operative strategy is focused on the medium term; therefore analysis could be updated whenever the market prices reach one or more targets selected in such Report. Should a market stays in a sideways range, no updating is needed until resistance or support levels are broken.
It contains:

  • analysis and forecasts (short and medium term) are based on charting and technical analysis (Elliott Wave Theory, Cyclical Theory) on the main crosses (Euro/USDollar/Sterling Pound/Yen/Aussie/Canadian dollar/…);
  • indication of trend, support/resistance/target price levels;
  • position advices (entry levels, profit-taking, stop-loss…) for short and medium-term strategies;
  • in addition: analysis and operative advices (medium term) on main commodities, metals and energy, grains and colonials (gold, silver, light crude and WTI oil, natural gas, soybeans, cocoa, corn, sugar, etc..).

Note: On-demand analysis available on cross, currencies and commodities usually not included in this Report.