ATheTop is specialized on financial analysis and forecasting on the main Financial Markets and International financial instruments. The AtheTop’s research staff  monitors and studies the  leading Financial Markets and draw daily Reports on major futures (German Eurex-Dax, Eurostoxx50,  S&P500), currencies, commodities, cryptocoins, accessible to its customers.
ATheTop is cooperating with major technical and financial analysts, highly professional  with long outstanding experience held in main  consultancy firms, research offices and investment firms and universities, thus able to provide  high quality services and high reliability.
Our services are  mainly addressed  to private investors, companies, banks and investment firms operating in investments and/or  hedging .  ATheTop issues:

•    main future indexes, forex, commodities, cryptocoins;
•    treasury management business;
•    relationship management Bank-Company
ATheTop also promotes training courses and events related to the analysis  techniques used by our analysts in order  to prepare their Reports and mechanisms on Financial Markets.

ATheTop is also active in the following business areas such as:
•    exchange rate risk management
•    treasury management business;
•    relationship management Bank-Company

ATheTop is a leading European Financial Markets Forecasting Company.

ATheTop cooperates with major technical and financial analysts with long time outstanding sound experience; furthermore it joins research offices, investment firms  and universities, therefore providing high quality services with deep and sound reliability. ATheTop’s top analysts team provide forecasts on major worldwide financial markets via internet by intraday, daily and weekly reports, detailing information and operational strategies tailored to suite Individuals, Companies, Banks / Sim / Brokers / Mutual Funds / Asset Management Co.   Our services are dedicated to private investors, companies, banks and investment firms operating in both investment and hedging.

Main financial markets forecasted:

DAX German future
S&P500 Usa  future
Eurostoxx50 future
Commodities (energy, metals, grains, food/fiber/soft)
Cryptocoins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, other Altcoin, ICO, news).



Glynn Davis became an Advisory Director to our corporate investment team in 2012. Prior to that, Brian was operating officer at one of Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) subsidiaries for 4 years, where he had the opportunity to join their Asia Pacific, Japan and Middle East region staff.

The initial approach of a combination of conventional technical & fundamental analysis has expanded a lot the past years and Glynn has definitely structured his own strategy and market approach: “…markets have changed dramatically the past years and standard methods apply no more, even if they have worked for decades…”. Glynn holds an MA in English from Oxford University and an MBA from Harvard.


Mukesh Kamat is a Multi-Asset Portfolio analyst and a full time trader. He has been investing in the financial markets for a number of years and has 18 years’ experience in using both fundamental and technical analysis techniques.
He started his career in Corporate Finance in 1993. Later in 1999 he moved to work at different trading desks in Investment Banks in Singapore. He then moved to Hong Kong with HSBC, working with Hedge Funds and institutional clients (also in charge for futures and foreign exchange transactions). He finally came to trade independently in 2002. Through his experience he has gained a unique insight in today’s markets and has a unique approach to the most profitable trading strategies, especially for the leveraged trading of currencies, FX futures and options.
He joined ATheTop’s staff as advisory asset manager for high net worth individuals and Institutions as clients. He attends financial meetings and fairs on financial principles such as Multi Asset Trading.


Daniela Turri is a well-known Elliottician and full time financial analyst and consultant. She can often be seen on CFN/CNBC and is a usual speaker at the Italian Trading Forum in Rimini (Italy) and Trading-on-Line Forum in Milan. She is one of the best Italian financial markets forecasters, known for tracing trends and target prices good in advance, supplying clients with high performance portfolio strategy and trading positions advices (on short/medium and long term). She has 16 years of experience using both technical analysis and Elliott Wave Theory techniques. Many people struggle with being successful stock, futures and commodity traders. She is here to provide you with her 16+ years of experience so that you can overcome the problems between you and success.

Many people struggle with being successful stock, futures and commodity traders. If you are new to futures trading and you don’t want to do it alone we can provide operative instructions that are easy to follow for stocks, indexes, futures, commodities and the Forex, then contact us for further information.


An Italian Financial Advisor and Economist. He had an important education and training: degree in Economics at Venice University (Italy), honorary degree in Financial Sciences at ISFOA Lugano (Swiss)  and a MBA in Banking and Financing at CUOA Institute (Italy). He had important working experiences in Italian Financial Advisory Companies as Financial Advisor and in Middle East Investments Company as Head of Finance Department.

His main activities:

Asset allocation (currencies, commodities, stocks and bonds portfolio management)
Risk management (credit, exchange risk)

Financial Markets anlalysis and forecasts (Financial Reports and Newsletters)
Bank-Enterprise relation’s analysis and management

Cryprocurrencies market analysis

ICO advising