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Cable is sliding down, next target: 1.3465/1.3435; then 1.3360/1.3325. Rebounds: 1.3530 (next 1.3690/1.3720).

Our clients are SHORT (intermediate) from 1.4250/1.4350 and are now closing half position (at 1.35/1.34 area)

Are you interested in our forecasts on FOREX and COMMODITIES?  (short/medium term): contact us! we are just a …mail away!


Dax closed friday 22nd sept at 12590. Elections in progress.

Forecast: sideways 12800/12300 area, higher volatility.

Prices will move irregularly to reach:

12770  (sell)

12440    12410/12310 area (possibility to  drop to 12220/12020-11920)

Weekly support: 12100, main support: 11900


Further details, information, operative strategies available on request.

EURO/USD: what’s next

Targets: 1.2030, further at  1.2220 area. Retracements down to 1.1770/1.1740 and 1.1470/1.1370. Weekly support: 1.13 Long positions will be closed on targets: 1.2030 (for 3/4) then 1.2220 Short: half position at 1.2030, adding further half position at 1.2220 stop above 1.2330 weekly close; profits on targets: 1.1930, 1.1770/1.1740 (then trailing stop)     Pls note…




Bitcoin/Euro reached 4185 on 3rd sept, then moved down to 3568. We forecast irregular action in range 4200/3000 for next few days. Another move up to 4000/4200 is needed. Retracements will bring prices down to 3350/ and 3200/3100. To obtain targets and forecast on larger movements plus  updates please go to our Cryptocurrencies report.